Baccarat is not a strange game as they play in all casino arena around the globe. The land-based casino has a virtual version that is available for those who want to play online. They play the game on a baccarat table and it involves two players. In a standard baccarat game, players have three different options available to them which include Banker, Player and Tie. The game is straightforward and fair to play but to increase your winning chances, you must learn the game’s fundamentals. The first step you need to take towards learning is to know baccarat casino table layout very well.


The Baccarat Table

The layout of this table is clear and very easy to get accustomed to using it. In a baccarat game, the bet’s result can fall into three categories; the simplicity of this game reflects on the table. There are seven numbered positions that can be found on each side of the baccarat tables. These numbers could range from one to fifteen. In most baccarat game, the number thirteen is always missing. Baccarat is a game of luck and therefore, unlucky numbers are removed from the table which includes number thirteen. At each position, three betting areas indicate the possible choices. On the table, you spell out banker and the player closed to each other. The banker at the top and Player spelled out underneath. It also includes areas for tie bets among other bets.


How The Game Works

The next step you need to take when you are made yourself familiar with the baccarat table is to learn the fundamentals of the game. The baccarat card’s core objective is to draw two or three card hands with values close to nine. They consider cards with numbers between the ranges of two to nine to have the same value as their numbers. A card assigned number ten and all other face cards have zero worth and the ace cards have a value equals to 1. A hand can have just two or three cards and the goal is to get close to nine.

The dealer deals one card to the player and one to himself. He then deals another card to the player and one to himself in the same order. You can either draw more cards to stay put which depends on the total values of both cards. If your total hand value at the end of the first two cards is less than five, you can draw another card. You can decide to stop or draw more cards when you have a value of six or seven. Once your total hand values of the card amount to eight or nine, no cards can be drawn. You are to decide which hand will win the game. This means you are to make a guess which one of you (dealer and player) has a value close to nine.